Yoga Out There is a rich cultural travel experience with insightful and profound Iyengar Yoga classes. Yoga Out There came out of our desire to share the exquisite beauty and rich culture of Bali.  We have expanded our vision to include journeys to Cambodia, Laos, Northern Thailand and Turkey, and we continue to plan new compelling trips.

Our travel adventures take us far and expand your vision of what the world holds. We immerse you in history, culture, and beauty.  We seek out guides who become part of our group and share their knowledge and insight without reservation.

We build our programs with a sensitive regard for cultures, customs and places. Our trips are a true higher education through unique events, festivals and life experiences.  We stay in distinctive and gracious accommodations that reflect the best of the land we are visiting and support the livelihood of local people.

Sights, sounds and feelings weave an unforgettable tapestry of memorable experiences.

Our travel adventures build meaningful ties with new friends. Our yoga experiences build our practice and forever enrich our lives.


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Yoga Out There